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Friday, 18 November 2011


hhaalluu ;D today I want to share about my BESTHEART.given name EMMA SAFWANI SAHIRIN^^call her ema,lawis or wani for short.haha^^she is 14 years old this year.same like ME^^she was born on 7th September 1997 at Ranau's Hospital.she is SHORTER than me so that why I call her EMA PINDIK^^jan marah :'D she wants to be an EXCELLENT chef once day :') she is TOTALLY taken by IRFAN SHAFIQ^^this couple so TONGOK ;pp  bergaduh malar.kemarin pun begaduh juga-,-susah BIN payah.haha ;pp she loves GREEN.peaceful colour.for your information, ILOVEHERSOMUCH^^muah di LENDO'.that all,KBAII :'D


*cute kan DIA?tengok dulu kawan diaa sepa^^

AKU dgn DIA^^

*kilik2 ne ;dd

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